A Third Marylander Is Being Tested For Coronavirus

It has been reported by WJLA that "a third person in Maryland has met the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) criteria to be tested for COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus."

Previously, two Marylanders who had recently visited China had also been met with the symptoms of the coronavirus and had to test for the disease. Thankfully, both individuals' results came back negative.

WJLA also reported that "Governor Hogan said that his administration has proposed a $10 million budget for emergency preparedness expenses."

News had circulated yesterday (Feb. 27) that the first case of "community spread" coronavirus had been diagnosed in California. "Community spread" is defined as the virus is circulatingamong the local community and infecting people, including some who are not sure how or where they became infected, according to the CDC.

First Case Of "Community Spread" Coronavirus Detected In America - Thumbnail Image

First Case Of "Community Spread" Coronavirus Detected In America

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