Man Used Rubber Chicken to Steal Donation Box

This as-yet unnamed guy used a rubber chicken to steal a donation box sitting on the counter at a Tim Horton's restaurant. He brought the gag in to cover the donation box so he could make off with it.

Yes, a rubber chicken. You know, so no one would notice him holding the donation box filled with change for charity.

Nope, nothing to see here. Just a random dude clutching a rubber chicken to his chest like it means the world to him.

He didn't look at all shifty or suspicious AT ALL while he did this. I mean, people walk into restaurants all the time with rubber chickens, right?

photo: Getty Images

Actually, I don't blame restaurant staff for not stopping him if they did notice his quick coverup of the donation box before he made off with the cash. Who wants to actively put themselves in the path of someone like that?

Because like I said, who in their right mind walks around with a rubber chicken in a restaurant?