Guy From Tinder Sends Woman Pics of His (Actual) Rocks

All we know about this guy from Tinder is his name: Dylan...and that he likes rocks. I mean, Dylan really, REALLY likes rocks. He's got a huge collection.

So when Dylan matched with a woman on Tinder who gave him her number, he started texting her pics of his rock collection. Everything from fluorite to sulphur and even some smokey quartz.

This has to be one of the greatest things you could find on Tinder. I love when I get to talk to people passionate about something. You get to learn so many cool things. In this case, about rocks. Who knew tinder could be so unexpectedly wholesome?

photo: Getty Images

My sister married a guy kind of like Dylan. My brother-in-law got his undergrad in geology. That means wherever he travels, he has an eye for great quality rocks. He once sent me a small plastic baggy of uncut rubies for Christmas.

I'm just's not a bad thing to have a guy in your life who knows rocks.