Healthy Relationships Inspire Both Partners

A healthy relationship inspires both partners. That inspiration can be anything as long as it helps you grow both individually and as a couple.

My boyfriend inspired me recently with these daily love notes he gives me. At first, he tried wracking his brain to hand write one every day. He soon got anxious that he wouldn't come up with something "good." (Spoiler: I was tickled he was doing it at all, so he could've written anything and gotten me to swoon. Shhh...don't tell him that.)

After about a month he came up with a solution: print out a bunch of slips of paper with lovey sayings on them he could then personalize. He started with the usual hearts pierced by Cupid's arrow, but evolved into drawing doodles of the cat.

photo: Tessa Hall

Some background on me: I always loved art. Every time I talk to my mom she asks me if I've done anything artist (sketching, painting, etc). For various reasons, I haven't done any art for a long time.

When my boyfriend advanced to tracing stuff he found about cats online:

photo: Tessa Hall

I realized he had done more drawing than I had in forever. So I decided to do some kitty doodles of my own.

I like how they turned out, except maybe the one that looks more like a cello with whiskers. This is one way my boyfriend inspired me. I hope you find inspiration in your relationship, too.