You Could Spend Almost Twice as Much on Food If You Use Delivery Apps

If you use delivery apps like Door Dash, Uber Eats, or Postmates, the food you just ordered could end up almost 91% more expensive.

The convenience of delivery apps might make you ignore just how much you're adding on to your bill when you get food delivered. It averages between 7% and 91% more than the price of the food you ordered.

So let's say you ordered an $8 fast food meal for lunch. We're talking paying between $11 and $145 per month just on delivery fees if you order lunch and have it delivered every weekday at work. If you add in the $160 of the original $8 meal cost, now we're talking at least one if not two fancy meals you could've afforded if you packed your lunch instead.

photo: Getty Images

I'm not saying you should never use delivery apps. Just be aware of how much you're spending on them. Every time I went back through my credit card charges and saw what those little charges here and there added up to, I felt kind of sick thinking about what I could've used that money for instead.