Cleaning Your Smartphone to Protect Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus can stay on glass and plastic hard surfaces for up to four days. Since your phone is pretty much all hard surfaces of glass, plastic, and metal, how can you clean and disinfect your phone to help prevent spreading infectious bacteria and viruses?

First step: the good ol' microfiber cloth. Give your phone a gentle rub down to begin with.

Next step: If needed, dip that microfiber cloth in some warm soapy water and (again, gently) wipe down the phone, using a second cloth to dry as you go. The water and soap help to "mechanically" remove germs and other nasties.

photo: Getty Images

What you want to stay away from: Clorox wipes. They'll strip the oleophobic coating from your phone over time. That means you'll have a clean phone, momentarily at least. The coating helps prevent fingerprints from collecting on the screen of your phone by repelling oil.

Apple has given their blessing for you to use 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and Google said you can use cleansing wipes, but sparingly.

Now, go forth and be cleansed...