Mark Your Calendar for the Tribeca Drive-In Coming This Summer

Well, this is awesome! Tribeca Enterprises, IMAX and AT&T are attempting to bring back the drive-in theater in this time of COVID-19. The idea is to reopen drive-in theaters that have been closed throughout the nation and bring back the once popular way to see a film, since movie theaters are going to be one of the last things to reopen. The summer program hopes to put over 300 out of service drive-in theaters back in action, in order to play a curated selection of films and special events at drive-in theaters and other venues all around the country. The initiative, dubbed Tribeca Drive-In, will launch on June 25. I've never been to a drive-in theater, and would totally love this! Can Shake Shack be a part of this and deliver food to the cars?? Now, we're talking!