Changes to some DMV streets you may wanna know about

A lot of things are a lot different as we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic and find new ways to enjoy activities.

In Bethesda, you can now enjoy outside dining at the new "streeteries"...several downtown roads are closed temporarily to allow for more outdoor tables. They're set up 6 feet apart, feature seating for a maximum of 4 people and are cleaned after each use. You can grab food and drink from one of the many nearby restaurants, grab a table and enjoy your meal. "Streeteries" are located on:

  • Woodmont Avenue between Elm Street and Bethesda Avenue
  • Veterans Park at the corner of Norfolk and Woodmont Avenues
  • Cordell Avenue between the parking garage near Old Georgetown Road and Triangle Towers
  • Norfolk Avenue between St. Elmo and Cordell Avenues
  • Norfolk Avenue between Cordell and Del Ray Avenues

And most of the dining areas will be open from 11a to 10p daily.

Meanwhile, in parts of DC, the "Slow Streets Program" has been put into place to allow residents more room for social-distanced walking, running, bike riding, etc. These streets are closed to outside traffic and the speed limit has been lowered to 15mph. See below for the 7 streets affected, with more to come.

  • Wards 1 and 2: 19th Street NW (between Dupont Circle and Biltmore Street NW; plus most of Biltmore and Cliffbourne)
  • Ward 3: 36th Street NW (between Connecticut Avenue and Reno Avenue/Warren Street NW)
  • Ward 4: 8th Street NW (between Piney Branch/Whittier Street and Missouri Avenue NW)
  • Ward 5: Newton Street NE (between 12th Street and South Dakota Avenue NE)
  • Ward 6: 12th Street NE (from East Capitol Street to K Street NE)
  • Ward 7: Grant Street NE (between Minnesota Avenue and 46th Street NE)
  • Ward 8: 15th Street SE (from Mississippi Avenue to Savanah Street SE) and 15th Place SE (from Alabama Avenue to Bruce Place SE)