My dog is a mix of WHAT?

We adopted Bug about 7 years ago...when we got her, we were told she was part Corgi and well...they weren't sure what else. After looking up "brindle dogs" online, we concluded that she was a Mountain Cur (see an image of one HERE). That breed was the closest to what she looks like. The Corgi part threw us because, yes, Bug does have a long body, like a Corgi, but her legs are also a lot longer than a Corgi's.

Well, back in February, the curiosity got the best of us and we did a doggie DNA test on her. And me, being a dummy...I was expecting to get a letter in the mail, giving us the results. The other day, I just happened to see an ad for the test we used (Wisdom Panel is the name of the company) I searched my email on a whim...and the results came via email back in March!

I was SO excited to open the email and discover Bug's ancestry...and turns out...there's no Corgi in her Mountain Cur. Bug is actually 62% Hound (they couldn't specify which type of Hound), 12.5% Shih Tzu, 12.5% Yorkshire Terrier and 12.5% Labrador Retriever!


We were SO far off on our guess!

But now we know!