Meet the newest addition to our farm family!

Last summer, approximately 11 months ago, we had our alpaca, Skye, bred. It would be her first pregnancy so we were naturally a bit worried that Momma would be ok and deliver a healthy cria (that's the term for a baby paca). About 3 weeks ago, Skye went to stay on the farm that belongs to our alpaca mentor, Lynn. We wanted Skye to be in the best hands possible when the time came for her to deliver. And throughout those 3 weeks, we had several 'false alarms', with Lynn telling us "today could be the day". So yesterday, we got super excited when Lynn told us that Momma was in labor! I was in the middle of work, so we couldn't just drop everything and race to Lynn's place in Frederick...about a 45-minute drive from our house. Not long after the news that Skye was gonna deliver, Lynn said she could see a nose emerging from Momma...and then, before we knew it, she sent a pic and said "It's a boy!"

So, we are happy to present our Double J Ranch's "Sergeant At Arms"...aka, "Lil Sarge"!

Lil Sarge