7 Tips To Make Your Home More Peaceful

Life can be chaotic, especially these days. And since we’re all spending more time at home, we’d like it to be a place where we can escape and relax. Unfortunately, some of our decorating choices keep that from happening. But interior designers say getting rid of these things can create a more peaceful space.

  • Too many picture frames on surfaces - Displaying photos is great, but putting them all over a shelf or tabletop can cause clutter. If you have a lot you want to show off, interior designer Bo Kueleers suggests creating a gallery wall and hanging them instead.
  • Patterned textiles- Some patterns can be distracting and can actually get in the way of relaxation and sleep, according to interior designer Sarah Barnard. On the flip side, she says solid-colored accent pillows can keep from overloading the eyes.
  • Going overboard with throw pillows - Too many of them can make a room or couch seem crowded and uncomfortable.
  • Piles of mail - It’s easy to let it stack up on your counter, but it also adds to the chaos and clutter.
  • Appliances all over the kitchen counter - The fastest way to create a calming environment in your kitchen? Find a spot to stash all the appliances and items you don’t use all the time, like toasters, dish racks, and pots and pans. Once you have free counter space, use it to show off something decorative, like a favorite cookbook or some greenery.
  • Electronic devices - If you’re going for a peaceful vibe, Barnard suggests hiding all your tech devices in drawers to minimize distractions.
  • Heavy window treatments - Bulky drapes, swags, and valances can leave the room feeling stuffy, gloomy and dated. But updating your window treatments to a lightweight fabric can brighten up the space and let natural light in.


Photo: Getty Images