"Stranger Things" Drops New Teaser & Hint of Release Date

"Eleven, are you listening?"

Well if she isn't, WE ARE.

Netflix's hit show Stranger Things has given us another sneak peek into season 4 and wow it looks like it's going to be epic.

The 30-second teaser shared this morning (August 6) is packed with throwback shots from the first 3 seasons as well as clips from the highly anticipated 4th one and here are some observations:

For starters, the kids are SO grown up (granted it's forever since we were gifted season 3)! Eleven's hair is clearly grown out and Buzzfeed acknowledged that she is specifically giving us Joyce vibes. Remember - Joyce took El in after Hopper's dramatic exit in season 3!

We also see the return of a clock! Eagle-eyed fans noticed that a clock motif was incorporated into the announce of season 4 back in September 2019 and then a wall clock was the very first thing we saw in the tease they gave us a few months ago. This time, a full grandfather clock was put on display...but what could it mean?!

We know Hopper is in fact alive (thanks to the tease they gave us on Valentine's Day last year) AND we get to see him again in today's teaser...but this time with a flamethrower!

So now the big question...when will we get season 4?! Unfortunately it won't be this year. The teaser confirmed that our next trip to the Upside Down won't happen until 2022.

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