A 30 Day Taco Bell Subscription is Coming

Taco Bell Struggles With Ingredients Shortage Due To Supply Transport Issues

Photo: Getty Images

Sign. Us. Up.

And also get us a plane to Arizona 😅

Taco Bell has announced that they are trying out a monthly subscription service with 20 participating locations in the Tuscon, Arizona region where customers pay $5-10 (for a Taco Lover's Pass and receive 1 taco a day for a month. That's $0.16 - $0.33 per day!

The subscription is housed on an app and users will have the variety of Soft shell, spicy potato soft taco, crunchy tacos and the infmaous Doritos Locos tacos are included.

According to WBAL, "[t]he idea is to lure people in with a free taco and hope they add more to their order and increase the amount they spend at the restaurant. It also gives restaurant owners information about ordering habits that help target diners with customized deals."

So when is this coming to our area?!

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