Trailer for "You" Season 3 Drops, Watch Here

The highly anticipated third season of You graces our Netflix accounts on October 15 and things are looking complicated between our favorite stalking/serial killer duo of Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn.

The trailer for season 3 is here and there's a lot to unpack: Love & Joe's son, Henry, is born and while parenthood changes people...we're not super convinced yet for this first-time mom and dad (even if Joe says it is). Joe clearly has a thing for blondes and it appears that his infatuation and old habits will return with the arrival of a pretty neighbor.

Love obviously loses her cool and in a laugh-out-loud moment, she suggests that she and Joe go to couples therapy. Could you even imagine being their therapist?!

We also see a body taped up in a trash bag, multiple people taking swings & starting fights, the return of the infamous glass box and baby Henry sitting in his car seat while a grave is being dug behind him. PHEW.

Just as the caption of the trailer says, they’re just the nice, normal neighbors next door. Right?

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