One of the Escaped PG County Zebras Has Been Found Dead

Back in August, 3 privately owned zebras (the number was originally believed to be 5) escaped from a farm in Upper Marlboro and have been on the loose ever since. But the Washington Post has reported that one of the zebras died last month after being caught in an illegal snare trap.

The Post has shared that on Sept. 16, the Natural Resources Police said that an officer responded to a private property about a dead animal and discovered the zebra.

So while the zebras have been spotted, why is it taking so long to catch them? Because they're smart. Experts shared with the Post that "because of their fight-or-flight response, if cornered, they will try to flee, bite or kick."

And the last thing you would want is to be kicked by a 700 lb animal.

The caretakers have been attempting to lure them back by feeding two fellow members of their herd in a strategically placed corral to “help draw the loose zebras back into the herd and eliminate any other potential risk” as well as laying out feed and hay around the farm.

Thumbnail photo: Getty

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