Halsey Hits Back At Trolls Mocking Their Appearance

Photo: Getty Images

Halsey had the perfect response for trolls who mocked their appearance and health.

The If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power musician is on the road for their latest tour but took time to address the hateful comments they receive about how they look in a new video posted to their TikTok. In the video, Halsey can be seen staring off to the side while comments the singer often receives criticizing their appearance are written over top:

"Halsey u look sick"
"Is she ok? Put some meat on those bones"
"She's too thin :/"
"looks unhealthy"

The "Graveyard" singer is clearly over hearing those types of comments, adding the song "I Already Know" by Walworth & Howell in the background. However, the caption took their frustration a step further, with the singer writing, "'u look sick' BC I AM! LET ME LIVE!"

Check out the video below.

Halsey has been open about the journey with their health in the past, most recently giving fans a detailed update on some of the recent health issues they have experienced, including being told they're allergic to coffee and a long list of foods. In a series of videos posted to their Instagram Stories, Halsey revealed that they have been diagnosed with several medical issues but added they are "still looking for answers to the root cause of some of these things."

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