VIRAL: "Stranger Things" Decorations Seemingly Suspended in Midair

This is incredible... creepy, but incredible.

A family in Plainfield, Illinois has gotten a lot of attention for their "Stranger Things" Halloween decorations outside their home, namely the floating Max Mayfield.

While the decorations would be incredibly impressive as is, the real head scratcher is, how is she suspended up there? In the video taken from ABC7 Chicago, you can see the Max mannequin looks to be floating in midair, as she is in the series. Obviously, that cannot be the case (unless we know much less about the upside down than we thought) so how is this family able to successfully keep her up there? What's the secret?

This video has has over 14 million views on TikTok, and the family isn't quite ready to reveal their impressive décor secrets. I will keep up to speed on this one as I really want to know how they've pulled this off!

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