WASH-FM | Enter your Choir! | 2022 Christmas Choir Competition!

Courtesy of The Washington Ballet

97.1 WASH-FM Choir Competition

 97.1 WASH-FM is searching the DMV for the area’s best school choirs to ring in the holiday season! Congratulations to our top choir finalists! 

Listen to 97.1 WASH FM through December 6, 2022 for our top Division I (High School) Choir Finalists, and vote up to once daily for your favorite choirs here

The top choir from each division will win up to $5,000 towards their schools’ music program and be invited to perform at The Washington Ballet's The Nutcracker at The Warner Theatre 12/17!

DIVISION I: High School (9th - 12th Grade) click here.


The Top 3 Finalists for both Division I (High School) and Division II (Elementary and Middle Schools) will be announced in the 8:00 AM ET HOUR on the Toby + Chilli Morning Show on WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 7, 2022. 

Listen for our Division 1 (High School) Top Choir Finalists:

Clarksburg High School’s Coro Di Voici:

12 Days of Christmas

Thu 12/1:  10am hour, 6:00pm hour | Fri 12/2: 1:00pm hour | Sat 12/3: 7am hour, 3:00pm hour |

Sun 12/4: 9:00am hour, 5:00pm hour | Mon 12/5: 11am hour, 7pm hour | Tue 12/6: 1:00pm hour

Bethesda Chevy Chase High School’s Chamber Singers

Carol of the Bells

Thu 12/1:  9:00am hour, 5:00pm hour | Fri 12/2: noon hour | Sat 12/3: 6:00am hour, 2:00pm hour

Sun 12/4: 8:00am hour, 4:00pm hour | Mon 12/5: 10:00am hour, 6:00pm hour | Tue 12/6: noon

Washington Liberty High School’s Chamber Choir 

Carol of the Bells

Thu 12/1:  Noon hour | Fri 12/2: 7:00am hour, 3:00pm hour | Sat 12/3: 9:00am hour, 5:00pm hour

Sun 12/4: 11:00am hour, 7:00pm hour | Mon 12/5: 1:00pm hour | Tue 12/6: 7:00am hour, 3:00pm hour

South County High School’s Singers

Carol of the Bells

Thu 12/1:  3:00pm hour | Fri 12/2: 10:00am hour, 6:00pm hour| Sat 12/3: noon hour

Sun 12/4: 6:00am hour, 2:00pm hour | Mon 12/5: 8:00am hour, 4:00pm hour |Tue 12/6: 10:00am hour | 6:00pm hour

Takoma Academy’s Camerata 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

Thu 12/1:  11:00am hour | Fri 12/2: 6:00am hour, 2:00pm hour | Sat 12/3: 8:00am hour, 4:00pm hour

Sun 12/4: 10:00am hour, 6:00pm hour | Mon 12/5: noon hour | Tue 12/6: 6:00am hour, 2:00pm hour

Walt Whitman High School’s Chamber Choir 

Jingle Bells

Thu 12/1: 1:00pm hour | Fri 12/2: 8:00am hour, 4:00pm hour | Sat 12/3: 10:00am hour, 5:00p hour | 

Sun 12/4: noon hour | Mon 12/5: 6:00am hour, 2:00pm hour | Tue 12/6: 8:00am hour, 4:00pm hour

Yorktown High School’s Advanced Choir

Silent Night

Thu 12/1:  2:00pm hour | Fri 12/2: 9:00am hour, 5:00 hour |Sat 12/3: 11:00am hour, 7:00pm hour

Sun 12/4: 1:00pm hour | Mon 12/5: 7:00am hour, 3:00pm hour | Tue 12/6: 9:00am hour, 5:00pm hour

Osbourne Park High School’s Madrigals

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Thu 12/1: 4:00pm hour | Fri 12/2: 11:00am hour, 7:00pm hour | Sat 12/3: 1:00pm hour 

Sun 12/4: 7:00am hour, 3:00pm hour | Mon 12/5: 9:00am hour, 5:00am hour | Tue 12/6: 11:00am hour, 7:00pm hour

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