Ed Sheeran Shocks Fans By Bartending At Local Brewery

Photo: Getty Images

Ed Sheeran has a habit of blowing unsuspecting fans' minds these days. The latest case took place over the weekend while Sheeran was in Atlanta, Georgia for his "Mathematics" Stadium Tour. Just hours before his show on Saturday night (May 27th), the singer stopped by SweetWater Brewing Company and shocked fans by playing bartender. He shared his journey with fans on Instagram.

"So I’m in Atlanta and I've been told that there are some breweries that are good in Atlanta so I'm gonna go to this brewery, serve some beers, play a gig, and then buy everyone in the beer garden drinks. Beers on me," he said in the short video.

After serving beers, Sheeran played an intimate acoustic rendition of one of his latest hits off Subtract, "Eyes Closed," as well as "Perfect." After the set, he told the eager crowd that had gathered, "For one hour, drinks are on me. Enjoy the free beers!"

Since releasing his new album and heading to North America for his tour, Sheeran has been popping up around cities and surprising fans with impromptu performances and even giving out free tickets to his shows. Just last week, the singer crashed a high school band practice in Florida and gave them all free tickets to a show. Then, to celebrate the release of Subtract, Sheeran showed up unannounced to sing for fans at The Subtract Pop-Up Experience stationed in New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Earlier in the year, he also surprised a New York City subway singer, Mike Yung, with an impromptu duet before gifting him free tickets to his sold-out show at the King Theatre in Brooklyn.

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