The New 3-3-3 Team Building Program

At Verkada, a leading cloud-based security company, fostering employee connections goes beyond the traditional happy hour. "The traditional way to do this is happy hour," explains Verkada CFO Kameron Rezai. "We thought, can we do it better?"

Recently, Verkada's CEO Filip Kaliszan gained attention on TikTok for discussing the company's unique 3-3-3 perk on a podcast. Launched in April, the program allows three or more employees to expense food and drinks if they socialize after 3 p.m.

"The idea is it's the afternoon and three people go out and hang out together, chances are you'll talk about something that's relevant or work-related and ultimately that will benefit us," Kaliszan explained.

In an industry where tech giants are valued at billions, such interactions are crucial for Verkada to stay competitive, notes Rezai. The 3-3-3 program allows expenses of up to $30 per person, with no pre-approval required. All employees are encouraged to participate, with the only obligation being to share a photo in the "3-3-3" Slack channel after their outing.

According to Rezai, every one of Verkada's 1,800 employees has engaged in the program at least once, with posts in the Slack channel occurring frequently. Kaliszan emphasized that while employees could previously expense outings, formalizing the program created excitement and unity within the company.

Source: Business Insider

Photo: Getty

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