Apple Says To Stop Putting Your Wet Phone In Rice

Apple is debunking a long-standing piece of advice embraced by iPhone users who encounter the unfortunate mishap of getting their devices wet. The tech giant is cautioning against the common practice of placing wet phones in uncooked rice to absorb moisture.

In its latest guidance for salvaging water-damaged phones, Apple recommends allowing the devices to air dry naturally instead of resorting to the rice method. While uncooked rice is known to absorb liquids swiftly, Apple asserts that this technique may potentially harm your iPhone.

When confronted with a "Liquid Detected" warning on the screen, Apple explicitly advises against placing the iPhone in a bag of rice. The company explains that rice particles could inadvertently cause damage to the device.

Furthermore, Apple underscores the importance of refraining from attempting to charge a wet phone until both the phone and charging cable are completely dry. Moisture in the connector or cable can lead to corrosion and permanent damage, potentially causing connectivity issues.

Instead, Apple suggests unplugging the phone and tapping it gently against your hand with the charging port facing downwards to facilitate the drainage of excess liquid. Subsequently, the iPhone should be left in a dry area with adequate airflow. Using a wireless charger is also deemed safe.

After a duration of 30 minutes, users can attempt to reconnect the device to a power adapter, although an alert will signal if liquid is still present within the phone. Apple advises that it may take up to 24 hours for the device to fully dry out.

Additionally, Apple cautions against using external heat sources or compressed air to expedite the drying process. Methods such as hair dryers or inserting cotton swabs into the connector are discouraged as they may exacerbate the damage.

Source: CBS
Photo: Getty

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