Study: Emojis Can Soften The Blow of Bad News

Delivering unpleasant news in the workplace can be daunting, but according to a recent study, emojis might just be the solution to soften the blow. Researchers from Chatham University have discovered that incorporating emojis or GIFs into emails can help alleviate the impact of negative messages.

Dr. Monica Riordan, one of the study's authors, emphasized the significance of emojis in expressing negative emotions appropriately. She stated, "Emojis can play an important role in conveying negative emotion in appropriate ways, capturing nuances of conversation that are otherwise impossible or inappropriate to convey with text."

The study, conducted across three experiments, involved participants responding to messages with or without emojis or GIFs. In one experiment, participants were shown messages with either negative or positive emojis. In another, emojis were replaced with GIFs depicting various emotions. Across all experiments, the inclusion of emojis and GIFs consistently boosted team morale, regardless of the message's tone.

Despite previous debates on the appropriateness of emojis in professional communication, this study suggests their positive impact on team dynamics, especially in remote work settings. The ability to convey emotions effectively, even negative ones, fosters a sense of closeness among team members and encourages active participation.

As workplaces increasingly embrace remote arrangements, the role of emojis and GIFs in bridging emotional gaps becomes more pronounced. The study's findings highlight their potential to facilitate constructive communication and maintain positive relationships among colleagues, even in virtual environments.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Getty

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