Men Are More Likely To Drop Subtle Hints About Tying The Knot Than Women

Forget the tired stereotype of women anxiously pressuring their partners into marriage! Recent research from flips the script, revealing that it's men who are more likely to drop subtle hints about tying the knot.

In a survey of 1,000 married Americans, 39 percent of men confessed to hinting at marriage intentions, compared to only 28 percent of women. Men often employ tactics like casually mentioning friends' weddings or slipping marriage-related topics into conversations, echoing the methods favored by women.

Interestingly, millennials have crowned Valentine's Day as the ultimate proposal occasion, with four out of ten preferring a February 14th engagement over any other day. On average, it takes about eight months for hints to materialize into an engagement, with women dropping around 12 hints and men nudging 15 times.

While some couples enjoy ring shopping together (45 percent), others find romance in the surprise. Still, a whopping 72 percent of men and 85 percent of women claim they never pressured their partner into marriage.

Surprisingly, men are 57 percent more likely to feel pressured to propose, with sources of pressure ranging from partners to parents. However, one in four respondents admitted some disappointment with their proposal, often citing a lack of effort.

Even more surprising, men were twice as likely to regret not selecting a nicer engagement ring, despite 93 percent of women reporting satisfaction with their rings.

Oded Edelman, CEO of, encourages couples to forge their own path when it comes to proposals. Whether it's hinting subtly or shopping together, the key is to communicate intentions clearly and make the moment meaningful.

Source: SWNS
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