The Rise of "Patientsplaining": Americans Take Charge of Their Health

Recent research has unveiled a growing trend among Americans – dubbed "patientsplaining" – where individuals discuss their online health findings with their doctors. A staggering 68% of Americans admit to engaging in this practice.

Despite the reliance on online information, the survey underscored a desire among respondents to play a more active role in their health journey. On average, individuals reported researching the best ways to care for their health five times within the past month.

While the majority of respondents find their doctor's advice helpful (83%), there is a notable concern among 30% that the advice received may not be specific enough to address their individual needs.

Reflecting on their last doctor's visit, respondents estimated that only slightly over half of their health concerns were adequately addressed (55%). To bridge this gap, a significant portion of respondents (34%) consistently keep their doctors informed about their bodily changes to receive the most accurate advice.

Moreover, Americans are keen listeners during medical consultations, with 83% actively asking their doctors questions to gain a better understanding of their health.

Philip McCluskey, founder of Vimergy, emphasized the importance of personalized health care, recommending the incorporation of high-quality ingredients, including liquid and powder formulas for faster absorption, to tailor daily health routines to individual needs.

Looking ahead to 2024, respondents express a strong commitment to enhancing their physical and mental well-being. Despite acknowledging room for improvement in their current health routines, a vast majority (72%) are willing to invest in their health, regardless of the cost.

To achieve their health goals, respondents plan to continue researching solutions (73%) and advocate more actively for their health needs during doctor visits (75%).

Dr. Andrea Pryce, a naturopathic doctor and education and research manager, emphasized the importance of consulting with healthcare professionals and embracing self-advocacy in achieving optimal health outcomes.

In summary, the research highlights a shifting paradigm in healthcare, with Americans increasingly taking charge of their health by leveraging online resources, engaging in proactive discussions with their doctors, and advocating for personalized care tailored to their individual needs.

Source: SWNS
Photo: Getty

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