My Biggest Playground Pet Peeve.


I have been taking my son (almost 4 yrs old) to the playground ever since he could walk. Like most kids, he loves going down slides. In other words, he uses the slide CORRECTLY. I have never let him climb UP a slide...especially when other kids are around. It's not safe. Period. 

I can't get over how many parents don't pay attention to their kids while they're doing this. I mean, what makes you think it's OKAY for your child to climb UP a slide while there are kids trying to slide DOWN at the same time? Do you want your child knocked off? I can't tell you how many times I've had to "save" a climber. My requests for these kids to get off are totally ignored. I plead with them, saying they could get hurt...or they could hurt another child trying to slide down. Doesn't matter. They look me straight in the eye and keep climbing. 

I often look around the park in hopes of meeting another adult's see if it's THEIR child breaking the slide 'rule.' It amazes me that not ONCE has a parent issued a warning to their child. Never. This is not okay. I don't care what your child does at the playground when there is no one else around. However, when other kids are need to follow some etiquette. No climbing up slides. End of story. 

Am I overreacting? Nope. Not when it comes to the safety of children. 



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