How Much You Should ACTUALLY Spend To Treat Yourself!

Spending money on things that make you happy is part of self-care, but how much of your budget should go to treat yo’ self activities?


Ellie Thompson, CEO of financial consulting firm Money Therapy, explains that treating yourself should be a daily activity, but to keep the spending within reason, it should be limited to things or services that truly bring you joy and not wasted on things you feel so-so about. So cut out the non-essentials and focus on the treats that you love most.

As far as the budget goes, Thompson says her clients follow the 50/20/30 Rule, which means 50% of their income goes to fixed expenses like rent and utilities, 20% to savings, and retirement goals, and 30% towards guilt-free spending. So the treat yourself money comes from that 30%.


“Sticking to percentages instead of a line item budget makes you feel more free and in control of your income,” Thompson says. If you need help, she suggests using money management apps that can help you track your spending and make any adjustments as needed.

So as much as your latte a day makes you happy, putting the afternoon pick-me-up down for the sake of saving that $4 a day toward a bigger treat, like a pricey handbag or a summer vacation doesn’t seem so bad. And as long as you’re on track with your finances, you deserve to treat yourself.

Source: Hello Giggles



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