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Toby witnesses so many parking fails he has to document it!

Here is the Black Knight! He has to be Batman since he was too busy fighting crime to park correctly!

Every day... another #parkingfail... in #MoCo... this time leaving an appointment with @yikesitskyla... #parking #fail #entitled

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I know big cars are harder to park but c'mon!

PHOTO: And another quality #MoCo #parking #fail... #entitled

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And the classic! 'My car is too nice and I do not want anyone to park near me so I am going to double park!" we all know THAT car!

They are not playing at our @iheartradio DC building... I’ve noticed them taking notes on vehicles parking in our garages lately and they put up new signs about unauthorized vehicles etc being subject to towing... and now today, this. Now, I will say whomever was parked #MoCo style and that’s kinda whatever but... I think the building parking wars are set to begin in earnest...

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