Americans Cannot Get Through ONE Day Without &*@# Cursing!

The average American utters their first curse word of the day at 10:54 am, according to new data.

A study into the everyday stress and frustration of 2,000 Americans aimed to explore how much stress Americans take on and how exactly they deal with it.

The new survey, conducted by 9Round Kickbox Fitness, found financial worry to be the biggest cause of stress and frustration among Americans (56 percent).

Followed by such time-honored stress-contributors like not getting enough sleep (36 percent), health concerns (35 percent) and work (30 percent).

But some Americans are stressed and frustrated about things that one might not expect.

For instance, one in ten (9 percent) listed the environment as a source of stress and frustration for them and four percent actually said the national deficit stresses them out. A curious three percent said they’ve been stressed about the national deficit within the past week.

As mentioned above, cursing is the most popular way people express their frustration, with 63 percent saying that’s how it manifests for them most frequently. Yelling is another popular method of relief(49 percent) and, sadly enough, crying (39 percent).

Top 10 causes of stress and frustration for Americans

  • Financial worry, 52.05 percent
  • Not getting enough sleep, 6.00 percent
  • Health concerns, 35.35 percent
  • Work, 29.50 percent
  • My partner, 25.90 percent
  • My children, 25.25 percent
  • Home life, 23.60 percent
  • Family responsibilities, 22.60 percent
  • The news, 20.80 percent
  • Politics, 16.60 percent

Source: NY Post



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