CVS Launches Unretouched Beauty Campaign!

Beauty ads at CVS are finally getting a “make-under.” As we previously told you, the retail chain announced earlier this year that they were banning photo manipulation in their store-brand makeup ads and displays. And they just kicked off their new “Beauty in Real Life” campaign, featuring a diverse group of women in photos and videos that haven’t been retouched.

"They don't need to be photoshopped. There is just so much more depth and substance. It makes women just feel better," explains Norman de Greve, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for CVS Health. "We want it to be aspirational for women to say, 'Hey I want to look like that,' but feel it is realistic, too."

The “Beauty in Real Life” campaign is the biggest beauty campaign CVS has ever done and it’s pretty impressive that the cast, photographer, director, marketing and beauty teams are all female. And we’re all for more diversity and less photoshopping, too.

Source: Allure



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