Healthy Eating Specialist Are Coming To Supermarkets!

The British chain Waitrose, which operates more than 350 locations throughout the UK, has announced plans to introduce what they are calling “healthy eating specialists,” to try and steer their customers towards making healthier food choices. The chain plans to add 100 of these specialists to stores by the end of the year, and in addition to offering customers healthier alternatives, they’ll be there to suggest recipes and more.

"Many shoppers have the best intentions to be healthier but busy lives get in the way,” Moira Howie, the nutrition and health manager for Waitrose, explains in a press release. “We know that small steps, top tips and nuggets of good advice can help them get started and importantly stay on track.”

As you can imagine, the news of the specialist was met with some backlash, with the British press dubbing them “health food police” and “nutrition nannies,” even though the store insists they’ll only offer advice if asked. Regardless, social media is having a field day with the news. Check out the reactions below.

 Source: Fox News

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