Capitol Wheel Helps DMV Couple In Gender Reveal!

This weekend, when I went to get my head shaved and beard trimmed, I went to the FLOYDS 99 across from the studios and grabbed a seat in Carlos' chair. He follows the show on Instagram, knows I have a daughter, and shared with me that he's about to become a dad, too!

He's having a little girl with his girlfriend and we talked about being a dad - particularly - what it means to be the dad of a daughter.

That's when he revealed to me how he and his GF chose to reveal the gender of the baby to family and friends.

and let me tell you, the reveal... was truly next level...


... because if you are gonna reveal something big... you've gotta go big. As in, CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE SKYLINE BIG...

Carlos and his longtime girlfriend took the CAPITAL WHEEL at NATIONAL HARBOR and lit it up PINK... revealing to family, friends, and ALL OF DC, the gender of their coming bundle of joy!

Congrats to you, Carlos, to MOM-TO-BE and to your new daughter, too! We can't wait to meet her!

See his video from the reveal... below!



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