Restaurant Implements Color System To Protect Against Harassment!

Erin Wade, the owner of a California restaurant Homeroom Mac + Cheese says she was surprised to learn that members of her staff have often been harassed - or even assaulted - by customers. So she took matters into her own hands. A former labor attorney, Wade came up with a system to help eliminate the incidents.


The staff and management have worked to create the Management Alert Color System or MACS for short. Strange customer behavior is divided into color categories.

  • Yellow means the server senses a “weird vibe,”

  • orange suggests a customer has made an inappropriate comment, 

  • red is for when a customer makes an obscene comment or even touches an employee


How does it work? A staffer will alert management with a message like, “I’ve got an Orange at table 2.” Under orange, a manager will automatically take over serving the table. If a customer gets a red, a manger will address the situation and if it doesn’t stop they have to leave.

Manager Kale Irwin notes that the system has been very effective and red alerts have been reduced. They’ve even received feedback from customers that they’re happy to know the staffers are protected.

Source: ABC 7 News



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