Top Mosquito Cities In The U.S!

While a lot of us welcome the warm weather, one thing that we don’t love so much are the mosquitoes that come with it. Those pesky bites are bound to ruin even the perfect day, and in some parts of the country they can be a much bigger problem than in others.

Well, lawn care company TruGreen has come out with their list of the ten cities most bothered by those pesky bloodsuckers and it seems if you are one of those people susceptible to a mosquito’s bite you are going to want to stay away from Atlanta, Georgia which tops the list.

Just how bad can mosquito season get? Well, while you may think those bloodsuckers are only around for a week or two, customer data reveals that biting season can last from five to seven months of the year, which is a long time to be left scratching. 

Top Ten Cities Bothered by Mosquitoes

  1. Atlanta, GA

  2. Chicago, IL

  3. Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX

  4. Boston, MA

  5. Trenton, NJ

  6. Detroit, MI

  7. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  8. Washington, DC

  9. Tampa, FL

  10. Nashville, TN

Source: Morningstar



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