VIRAL: Mom Request For Pockets In Daughters Pants!

Despite some people pushing to raise their kids gender-neutral, we don’t see clothing companies getting rid of boys and girls product lines anytime soon, but one parent is really hoping some of them at least make a change to some girl clothes to make them more equal to those of boys, and it seems a lot of parents are on her side. 

Author Heather Kaczynski took to social media to complain about the fact that most girls’ pants don’t come with pockets, much to the frustration of her three-year-old daughter. 

“PLEASE PUT POCKETS ON GIRLS PANTS. omg. My 3yo is SO ANGRY when she doesn't have pockets or the pockets are fake,”

she tweeted. 

“She has THINGS TO HOLD, like rocks and Power Rangers. She's resorted to putting stuff down her shirt. come on. pockets for girls please.”

The tweet has since been deleted. 


But even thought the original tweet is gone. After Heather posted her complaint, it quickly went viral getting more than 230,000 “likes,” and prompting more parents of little girls to chime in about their frustrations over pocket-less pants. And it’s not just parents of young girls, many older women are just as frustrated, noting that even as adults they have a hard time finding pants with pockets. 

Check out more of the responses below:


Source: Huffington Post



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