Women Are Ruder to Other Woman At Work!

A study by the University of Arizona reveals that women in the workforce actually deal with more uncivil and rude behavior from other women than they do from men. Yes, it’s true men are mostly responsible for the sexual harassment women experience, but when it comes to overall incivility and rudeness, women are more to blame.

The study, which questioned women at three colleges, finds such women-to-women bad behavior can be the result of females who are more assertive and opinionated on the job, which is usually not the norm, getting unfriendly treatment from other women.


And employers can indeed lose female employees because of bad treatment at work. In fact, such rudeness can cost an employer about $14,000 per employee, especially since it usually results in high turnover rates, causing the need to train employees. The cost can also be chalked up to possible legal claims due to mistreatment.

Source: CNBC



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