This Gmail Feature Just Made Your Life Easier!

Gmail has been rocking our worlds and running our lives for quite some time now, it was about time they did a little overhaul and gave us an even easier time of getting to all of those emails. Here are some of the new perks:

  • Get a reminder when you haven’t responded to an email that you received a few days ago.

  • Keep the smart replies at the bottom of your screen to respond to an email quickly.

  • Get rid of the emails you never read with an easy unsubscribe option.

  • Use an offline mode so you can still catch up on emails when you don’t have WiFi.

  • Multitask by looking at different screens on your side panel.

  • Set expiration dates on sensitive material you send.

  • Get top of the line response when you receive scams in the mail.

There’s nothing like an app update to keep your life a little easier. And with this Gmail update, who knows what we’ll get to now that we literally have no excuse not to keep up!

Source: Refinery29

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