Eyeliner So Good It Survived A Car Crash!

When you’re about to buy a new product, reading truthful reviews by people who’ve actually tried the thing you’re about to buy can make you change your mind about what to put into your cart. Buying makeup is no different, checking out the pros and cons in the reviews can really help you make an informed choice. And a review of a Kat Von D eyeliner has recently gone viral for showing a photo of just how good it stays in place, even after a car wreck.

Twitter user @guadalahari found the review while hunting for a new eyeliner and shared it on social media. In the review of the eyeliner on the Kat Von D site, ER registered nurse Shelby, who goes by user name Bluntredhead, gives five stars to the product for staying in place after she was in a car accident. She says her winged eyeliner didn’t budge, but her mascara was running down her face.

And she includes a photo of her experience, showing her in the neck brace with smudged mascara under her eyes and perfectly flicked eyeliner still firmly in place. She suffered some serious injuries, but the Tattoo Liner finished strong. And if it can survive a car crash, it can probably handle your rough day at the office.

Source: Whimn

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