Mother's Day Traditions Around The World!

In the U.S. we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, like many countries do, but the celebrations vary from location to location. Some countries honor moms at different times of the year but they all do it with gifts, meals, and unconditional love. Here’s how other places celebrate Mother’s Day.

  • Brazil - This holiday is a big deal in this party-loving country and they also celebrate it on the second Sunday in May and they honor mom with a church outing, gift-giving, and family barbecues.

  • China - The Chinese also celebrate Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May. Young kids may wash mom’s feet and draw her pictures while older kids make dinner, possibly serving a traditional red bean cake for the celebratory meal.

  • Egypt - According to one story, Mother’s Day began in ancient Egypt when the Goddess Isis was celebrated as the mother of all pharaohs. They honor moms on the first day of spring, as is custom in many Arab countries.

  • Ethiopia - They celebrate Mother’s Day at the end of the fall rainy season with a celebratory feast. Sons typically bring lamb or other meat and daughters come with veggies, cheese, spices, and butter and after the meal, there’s singing and dancing.

  • France - The fourth Sunday of May is when they honor mom with gifts including perfume, flowers, and chocolates. Mother’s Day brunch is big in France, too.

  • Italy - The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day for Italians as well and they honor mamma with a festive lunch of pasta and meat, typically finished with a heart-shaped cake.

  • Japan - They also celebrate mom the same day as Americans do, and one of the Japanese traditions is for kids to prepare home-cooked meals from recipes their moms passed down and carnations are a popular gift for mothers.

  • Mexico - May 10 in Mexico is Día de las Madres, the busiest day of the year there. The day is celebrated with special mass at church, mariachi bands playing, and traditional holiday treats like tamales and atole for mom.

  • The U.K. - Here Mothering Day is celebrated the fourth Sunday of Lent and it’s a time to get your mom and bring her to church. Gifts, family dinner, and sometimes a traditional Simnel Cake (almond-flavored fruit cake) is still served as it was in the past.

Source: Chowhound

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