The Most Annoying Traveling Habits!

The summer travel season will be here before you know it, and no matter how much you cross your fingers and hope it won’t happen, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter some really awful fellow passengers. Crying babies, armrest hoggers, seat recliners, they all contribute to making the flying experience that much worse. But of all of these bad behaviors which is THE worst?

Well, according to Expedia’s annual Airplane Etiquette Study, the “Seat Kicker” takes the cake, with 51% of travelers identifying them as the most problematic passenger, the fourth year in a row they've earned the top spot. That category also includes basically anyone who constantly kicks, grabs or bumps their seat. As for how people handle it, besides upgrading to better seats, 62% politely notify the staff. Other aggravating travelers include: 

  • The Aromatic Passenger (43%)

  • The Inattentive Parent (39%)

  • Personal Space Violators (34%)

  • Audio Insensitive (29%)

And it’s not just airlines where people encounter annoying travelers. When it comes to hotels, the "Inattentive Parent" is tops for worst hotel guest (45%), while other bad guests include:

  • The In-Room Revelers and The Hallway Hellraisers (41%)

  • The Complainers (29%)

  • The Party-goers and The Bar Boozer (27%)

Other tidibts from the survey:

  • 90% of travelers say it’s not okay to go barefoot on a flight.

  • 77% of Americans dread sitting next to someone who talks too much on a plane.

  • 54% of Americans say it’s okay to wake someone who is snoring during a flight.

  • Most travelers admit to hiding their valuables from housekeeping and also taking things from a hotel.

  • South Koreans are the most likely to get drunk on a flight, followed by Thai and American travelers.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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