Annoying Things Guest Do At Weddings!

Annoying Things Guest Do At Weddings!

It’s wedding season again and that means you’ll probably spend a few weekends over the next few months watching loved ones tie the knot. And while we’re sure you are a perfect wedding guest at all the nuptials you attend, there are lots of annoying things guests do at weddings that make the big day even more stressful for the bridal party, event planners, or even the photographer. So don’t be THAT guest, and avoid doing these things at a wedding.

  • Be late or early- Weddings are planned down to the last minute, so don’t be late because no one wants you walking in while the bride and groom are in the middle of their vows. But don’t be too either or event staff won’t know what to do with you.

  • Don’t lose your invitation - Brides are busy getting their hair done, having photos taken, and being a giant ball of nerves on their wedding day, so they don’t have time for friends and family texting to ask directions or what time they need to be there. Save your invitation and all those little cards that come with it, they’re full of the information you’ll need.

  • Don’t wear white - Some brides report even family doing this and it’s just a big no-no. Let the bride have her day at HER wedding and be the only one in white. There are plenty of other colors to pick from.

  • A “plus one” doesn’t mean your whole crew - Your invitation lets you know if you can bring a date or not and you shouldn’t question that. Even if there isn’t a sit-down dinner, it’s no time to show up with anyone who wasn’t specifically invited.

  • Be polite - You are a guest at the event, so be on your best behavior, that means not being rude to staff or asking for special treatment.

  • Don’t play musical chairs - If you’ve been assigned a seat at a certain table, DO NOT sit anywhere else. You might rather sit with your friend you haven’t seen in a while, but chances are the bride and crew put a lot of thought into where everyone would sit and it’s not cool for you to mess with that.

  • The reception hall is not a diner - So if you have legitimate food allergies to be concerned about, tell the event staff, but check your food preferences at the door because nobody has time for your pickiness as a wedding guest.

Source: Hello Giggles



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