There Is Now An Airbnb for Foodies!

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Airbnb … for foodies. 

Look at this colorful selection of South Indian condiments and snacks lovingly prepared by our host Sundari in Chennai. Join Sundari for a traditional Tamilian Brahmin culinary experience where you will eat with your hands off of fresh banana leaves. Sundari's meal is entirely vegetarian and is truly a feast for the eyes and stomach that will leave you impressed with the diversity of vegetables and their innovative use in South Indian cooking. #Travelingspoon #TravelInspiration #VegetarianFood #VegetarianDishes #IndianEats

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There's a program called Traveling Spoon that allows vacationers to really experience the unique foods of places around the world -- by allowing them to enjoy those foods in real people’'s homes. 

Istanbul's Spice Bazar is one of the largest bazaars in the city and the most famous covered shopping complex after the Grand Bazaar. Filled with vividly colored spices, amazing smells and a tremendous amount of edible things to discover, this bazaar should definitely be a stop on any food-lovers trip to Istanbul! Photo credit: @sherlock.kumes #TravelInspiration #TravelTurkey #VisitIstanbul #SpiceBazaar

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Hesitant to eat in a stranger's home? 

Traveling Spoon says it makes safety a top priority for both travelers and hosts. For example, each host goes through a detailed application process and three rounds of interviews before getting hired. And Traveling Spoon employees personally eat at the home of prospective hosts, making sure they follow food safety regulations. 

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