Surprising Number Of People Are Doing It In Porta Potties!


Some people get their kicks by getting it on in unique locations, like having sex on the beach or sex on the kitchen table. But sex in a porta potty? Yep, it turns out, some folks even like to do it in there, according to a new survey. And you thought those things were nasty before?!

Online ticket marketplace TickPick asked 1,000 music festival attendees about their sexcapades at these events and out of the third of them that fessed up to getting freaky at a festival, 9.4% admit they’ve done it in a porta potty. Just let that sink in for a minute. You’ve probably had to use one before when you really had to go, so you know how repulsive they can be, so how could anyone get busy in there? Desperate times, we assume.

But the portable toilets aren’t the only place fest goers are having sex. 

The survey also shows they’re doing it in more private places like a

  • tent (58.1%)

  • car (48.4%)

  • RV/camper (20.3%)

And then there are those who are happy to de-pants in public: 

  • 28.4% admit to doing it in a field

  • 15.3% to doing it in a crowd

  • 3.8% have been so moved by the music, they’ve done it in a dance tent.

So we’re thinking these folks need to remember to pack plenty of condoms along with their water bottles for the next music festival. And don’t forget the sanitary wipes – they’re going to need lots of those after that porta potty experience.

Source: Women's Health



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