New Jewelry Supposed To Relieve Stress!

Life can be hectic and nerve-wracking, so we’re always looking for new ways to help us manage our anxiety and stress. Meditation is supposed to help us calm down and focus, but it’s not always easy to quiet your mind when you’re all worked up. And that’s exactly why Todd and Vanessa Steinberg came up with the idea for their new jewelry line, which is supposed to help wearers relieve tension.

Todd says he and his wife tried to learn meditation to help quiet their busy minds, but found it hard to stay consistent. So after learning about using breathing to calm down, the couple worked with their psychotherapist friend Dr. Daniel Epstein to create The Shift necklace, which claims to “promote a state of stillness in the mind.”

It works when the wearer breathes in through the nose then exhales through the whistle-necklace’s tube for 10 seconds. Do it five times in a row and they say you’ll achieve a Zen state. “After five exhales through the Shift; your heart rate lowers, (stress hormone) cortisol decreases, blood pressure comes down, more toxins are released and muscles loosen,” Epstein explains.

Science shows meditation and deep breathing can ease stress and improve concentration, so this could really work. And these pieces are affordable, they range from $85 to $115, and it comes in silver, gold, and trendy rose gold. And there are plenty of other wellness-inspired jewelry designs on sites like Etsy, Goop, and Urban Outfitters if you want to give stress relieving accessories a try.

Source: Moneyish

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