WASH-FM's Field Trip With Toby & Chilli!


Nominate your class HERE for a chance to win a trip to Mount Vernon with Toby & Chilli!

Saturday, June 2nd

Transportation and lunch will be provided.

You and your classmates will be able to ...

- See the home of George & Martha Washington and learn about how they lived!

-See if you have what it takes to lead like George Washington in Be Washington, a new interactive experience!

-Sit on the front lines of the Revolutionary War in a new 4D theater experience!

-Tour beautiful gardens, meet heritage breeds & more!

In the Be Washington exhibit, It’s Your Turn to Lead! Visitors now have the chance to put themselves in Washington’s boots and experience firsthand the leadership challenges that he faced on the battlefield and in the presidency. 

Inside the immersive theater, participants will take on the role of George Washington as they seek to solve one of four crises that Washington faced. Each scenario unfolds upon a massive, 30-foot, 6K resolution screen. As they learn about the situation, participants will gather insights and opinions from some of the same historical advisers that Washington would have had access to, such as Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. As they sift through differing recommendations, they will be asked to rate each adviser’s persuasiveness. In the end, as Washington, participants will vote for which course of action they would have taken to solve the crisis. Votes are then tabulated and shared, in aggregate, on the main screen. You can also explore the scenarios online and play at home or in the classroom at bewashington.org

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