Are You Washing Your Kid's Toys Too Much?

We all know parents, especially new ones, can be a bit obsessive when it comes to their kids being exposed to germs, but do some parents go a little to far? Well, one mom sought advice on that very subject and got a variety of opinions. 

An  unidentified mom admitted on the Internet forum Netmums that she is so worried about her three-year-old son coming in contact with germs that she’s constantly washing his toys. The gal explained that even though she just washed and soaked her kids soft toys after friends touched it and it dropped on the floor, she was about to do it again following a play date. “Am I being ridiculous wanting to wash them again and getting annoyed at people for touching his toys AGAIN?,” she writes. “Or should I leave the toys and not wash them?” 


Well, as you can imagine, the feedback was mixed, with many moms suggesting there wasn't anything wrong with so much washing. “A lot of people will probably think it's over the top, but the floor and public places could have any sorts of germs on them! I also expect clean hands before holding my baby, he's almost 4 months,” one mom wrote, while another added, “I don't blame you at all. People coming in off the train would be covered in germs, so I think that's 100 per cent reasonable.”


But there were also plenty of moms who thought she was taking things a bit too far, noting that kids need to be exposed to some germs. “You can not protect against every germ going and to obsessively try to do so can do more harm than good - for you as well as baby,” one wrote, adding, “They are going to come into contact with germs, it's a fact of life.” Meanwhile, another added, “they can’t live a sterile life otherwise they won’t build up any immunity.” 

Source: The Daily Mail



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