Google Is Trying To Fix Your Phone Addiction!


Google unveiled a number of “Digital Wellbeing” features for Android at its 2018 I/O conference on Tuesday, aimed at helping users develop healthier relationships with their devices.

Android’s newly unveiled Dashboard app breaks down all the dirty details of your bad phone habits. It can show you just how many times you unlock it (constantly), check in on social media without even thinking about it (obviously) and spend hours mindlessly watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. (It’s been known to happen.)


Once you realize the extent of your addiction, the new features will help you overcome it. By letting users set time limits on their app use, a quick phone break can’t spiral into a full-blown digital bender.

There’s also a “shush” feature, which will automatically silence incoming calls and notifications when you flip the phone over, as well as something called “wind down.” With that, users can schedule a time at night when the super-stimulating, colorful screen display changes into boring — and ideally, sleep-inducing — black and white.

Source: New York Post



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