Top 10 Family-Friendly Vacation Spots in the U.S.

You may already be done with your summer travel, but if you want to get out of town with your family this winter...or spring break, we've found some ideas. A recent travel study from KOALA, a vacation rental platform where timeshare owners list properties, has narrowed down some of the best family vacation destinations in the U.S.

10. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Overall Score: 6.83

According to KOALA, Nantucket’s average accommodation price per night is $83 and 21.4% of the attraction on the island are listed as "good for kids."

9. Estes Park, Colorado

Overall Score: 6.85

The town is not far from Rocky Mountain National Park, and accommodations in this area cost an average of $185 per night, according to KOALA. The travel company also determined 34% of the attractions in Estes Park are considered kid-friendly while 75% of the restaurants there are kid-friendly.

8. Williamsburg, Virginia

Overall Score: 6.92

It's warmer and cheaper than Estes Park and has an accommodation price of $122 per night. While nearly a quarter of attractions in Williamsburg are considered "good for kids," 56.9% of the city’s restaurants are kid-friendly.

7. Durango, Colorado

Overall Score: 6.97

Nightly accommodations run families an average of $110, according to KOALA. Nearly a quarter of attractions are considered kid-friendly while 58.1% of restaurants in the area are a good fit for children.

6. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Overall Score: 6.98

Accommodations here average $170 per night, according to KOALA. More than a quarter of the attractions on Hilton Head Island are said to be kid-friendly as are 74.1% of the restaurants there.

5. Lake Tahoe, California

Overall Score: 7.02

It is revered for its beaches and ski resorts. Accommodations in this popular vacation spot average $154 per night, according to KOALA. More than a fifth of attractions in Lake Tahoe are considered kid-friendly while 53.4% of the city’s restaurants are as well.

4. Sedona, Arizona

Overall Score: 7.02

Nightly accommodations here also average $154, but Sedona has a mild climate with an average annual temperature of 55.8 degrees Fahrenheit, according to KOALA. Only a tenth of Sedona’s attractions are considered kid-friendly...however, Sedona does have Lake Tahoe beat with 61.2% of its restaurants being kid-friendly.

3. Sanibel, Florida

Overall Score: 7.40

The beach destination has an average annual temperature of 74.6 degrees. Accommodations fun an average of $280 per night, according to KOALA, and there’s no shortage of family-friendly activities with nearly a third of the destination’s attractions being deemed "good for kids." 69.5% of the restaurants are considered kid-friendly.

2. Wailea, Hawaii

Overall Score: 8.27

Located in Maui, it has an average accommodation price of $241 per night...and more than a third of Wailea’s attractions are considered kid-friendly while 80.4% of its restaurants are as well.

1. Waikiki, Hawaii

Overall Score: 8.38

The district is located in the city of Honolulu on the island of Oahu. Accommodations in Waikiki cost an average of $295 per night, according to KOALA. 83.3% of its attractions are listed as "good for kids" in addition to 84.2% of its restaurants being listed as kid-friendly.


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