Nutritionist Warns Don’t Try Frozen Honey #TikTok Trend

While many of us are trying to watch our sugar intake these days, a new trend taking over TikTok has users downing corn syrup or honey. Creators are freezing and eating it, but before you try it at home, a nutritionist warns that all that sugar can lead to health issues.

Videos of the craze, which started popping up on TikTok toward the end of July, show it’s simple to make. Users empty out a plastic water bottle and fill it with corn syrup or honey, then store it in the freezer for a few hours until it turns into a gelatinous texture that can be squeezed into the mouth (people have been doing it with honey, too). Some TikTokers add bright food coloring to make it look more appetizing and some are putting their own spin on the trend by adding Hi-C, Kool-Aid, Nerds candies and sprinkles to add flavor and fun to the goo.

And while creators associated with the trend, say it's delicious, nutrition experts don’t recommend it. Registered dietitian and nutritionist Amy Shapiro says eating a load of corn syrup -which is refined sugar- isn't healthy. She explains that a serving, which is a tablespoon - isn’t “detrimental,” but what they’re eating in the videos is way more than one tablespoon. She warns that loading up on corn syrup could lead to a burst of energy that quickly drops and could lead to body shaking, increased sweating and eating too much over a long time could cause health problems including diabetes and heart disease.

Source: Insider

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