Survey Finds That Working From Home Can Stunt Your Career.

Working from home has its perks, but there are plenty of downsides, too. Not only has it been a huge adjustment for some to work where they live, but a lot of folks also think remote work has actually held them back in their careers.

Beamery’s Talent Index surveyed 5,000 US and UK workers between August and September, and just about half of them – 48-percent, to be exact – said they believe working from home has stunted their career growth. Who’s being hit the most? Apparently, Gen Z, 66-percent of which responded that they feel held back in their careers.

Even as workers save money and time on commuting, the same folks feel like their five-year plan has been thrown off by the rise of remote work. On top of that, a lot of people are feeling more pressure, experiencing “higher stress levels, higher mental health challenges, higher frustration and lower career progression.”

Do you agree with the findings? Has working from home held you back in your career?

Source: Business Insider

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