CHILLI'S BLOG: My Dad's Amazing Way of Coping with Grief

Grief looks different for everyone. Some people shut the world out...while others live life to the fullest, knowing our time here is limited.

This is my Dad. In the past three months he lost his younger brother and sister to Covid...and his canine best friend to old age. That's a lot of loss. Instead of wallowing in his sorrow, he is traveling. This week, he's at the beach. At the end of the month, he is going to take a cross-country TRAIN trip for 16 days.

This isn't new. After my mother passed away in 2009, he was in mourning for months. Then...he started traveling the world by himself. He took two big international trips every year with a travel group. I was proud of how he coped with the tremendous loss that had flipped his world upside down.

He's doing it again. I know he is hurting...but I also know he is LIVING. It takes a lot of strength to do that when your heart is broken.

He sent me this photo a couple of days ago. I don't see a man in pain. I see a man who is grateful for his life. I see a man who is fearless. Be like dad.

Chilli admires how her dad copes with grief.

Photo: Chilli Amar

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